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Winter Celebration in Highland
Let it snow! 

Get ready for the festive season with a visit to Dunfermline's Winter Festival, which officially begins when the Christmas lights are switched on in the High Street on 22 November.

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Tour Summary: Our extraordinary eco-tour will take you on an awesome off-road journey to see nature at its most unusual. We drive into the Pinnacles Desert to enjoy nature at its most creative. Experience a great day our Pinnacles Day Tour combining visiting the Pinnacles and seeing other amazing natural landscapes. Encounter pristine white sand dunes, spectacular coastal vistas, valleys with masses of grass trees and see kangaroos in their natural environment. Tour Details: In geologic terms the pinnacles are a modern phenomenon that started as recently as three and a half million years ago and were formed somewhere between two million and twenty thousand years ago. Now that is astonishing! On our Pinnacles Day Tour experience a great day combining visiting the Pinnacles and seeing other amazing natural landscapes in the Western Australia northern region. Encounter pristine white sand dunes, spectacular coastal vistas, valleys with masses of grass trees and see kangaroos in their natural environment. First we visit Pinnacles Desert Discovery Interpretive Centre and then we drive into the Pinnacles Desert to travel the four kilometre trail for a unique experience to walk among this stunning phenomenon .The Pinnacles Desert is made up of thousands of limestone pillars, resembling an ancient ruin. Optional extra for you to consider to experience another dimmension of this extraordinary phenonema is Pinnacle Helicopter Flights, An unforgettable scenic helicopter flight over the Pinnacle Desert, Painted Desert and fabulous turquoise coastline a spectacular 15minute flight. Before lunch at Cervantes, we visit Hangover Bay to see pristine white beaches and sparkling aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean. Go for a walk along the beach. During summer take your bathers and towel and go for a refreshing swim. Enjoy a visit to Lake Thetis to view Stromatolites, which are one of the earliest forms of life to evolve on our planet another of nature’s wonders. Departure Time: 7.30am Return Time: 4.30pm Departure Dates: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Pick up points include Cottesloe, Perth CBD, Scarborough, Joondalup
Save USD320.00
諾桑比亞英語學校位於惠特利灣,鄰近市中心。家庭式經營的英語學校,規模雖小,但可提供愉快,良好的英語學習環境。諾桑比亞英語學校歡迎任何年齡的學生,課程內容可以自由編排,因應學生需要而度身訂做。課程內容包括英語學習,各式各樣的戶外活動,寓學習於娛樂。 Northumbria School of English is a small, family run language school located on the sea front of Whitley Bay close to the town centre. Providing a warm and secure atmosphere to students of all ages and walks of life, our happy little school specially tailored packages for groups of young learners, which include excursions around the region and a great array of activities. • 適合 10-17 青少年 Suitable for 10-17 teenagers • 家長可與子女一同參與 Joint participation with parents • 優美沿海位置 Coastal location • 小班教學 Small classes • 教師友善,樂於助人 Friendly and dedicated staff • 豐富社交活動 Great social programme • 可以在當地家庭寄宿 Can choose homestay • 每星期15小時學習英語 15 hours English each week • 課程獲英國文化協會認可 Accredited by British council • 課程可協助學生應考劍橋KET,PET和FCE考試 Cambridge KET, PET and FCE examinations • 每日早上會有3小時的英語學習時間,下午則參觀和集體活動。 3 hours of English in the morning and a visit or activity every afternoon and most evenings • 逢週末會到著名景點參觀,如安尼克城堡(哈利波特拍攝場地!), 愛丁堡 ,杜倫, 約克, 比米甚博物館。 A full-day excursion is offered every weekend to destinations such as Alnwick Castle (the Harry Potter Castle!), Edinburgh, Durham, York, Beamish Museum 哈利波特體驗 Harry Potter Experience • 到訪電影拍攝場地 Visit the film location • 安尼克城堡 Alnwick Castle • 達勒姆大教堂 Durham Cathedral • 霍格華茲宴會 Hogwarts banquet • 到訪燈塔 Lighthouse Stranding • 女巫和巫師派對 Witches and Wizards party • 戈斯蘭火車站 Goathland Railway Station 建議機票(由香港至紐卡索): HKD 8,000 – 9,500 Suggested Air-ticket Price: HKD 8,000 – 9,500 家長費用(只包括食宿): HKD 3,200 (2星期) Parent fee(including homestay and meals): HKD 3,200(2 weeks) 所有信息由合作夥伴提供。 如有任何查詢、報名,可致電"智權教育中心",電話: 2155 1800。 For any inquiries or registration, please contact Magna Education Center at 2155 1800.
Our unique Thai Village within the property is where most daily activities take place that showcase aspects of Thai traditions and culture. Every morning from 10:00hrs to 12:00hrs, guests can take part in over ten arts and crafts workshops dotted around the village. The visitors are free to roam around and try out these activities, each one in their own pavilion stations such as traditional weaving, rice farming, bamboo dancing, Thai martial arts, garland making, traditional pottery, traditional Thai cooking, umbrella painting, Thai herbal compress making and much more. There are trained staff at each station to demonstrate the activity and provide information so you are able to obtain a full hands on experience.

米蘭主教堂, 哥德建築的瑰寶 Milan Cathedral, a Gothic Architecture

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北歐的巨人國度 Home of the Giants in Norway

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La Mer de Arcachon

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New Skukuza airport in Botswana

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City of Art and Science - Dresden 德累斯頓

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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Dunfermline Winter Festival in Scotland

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Monday, November 17, 2014
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